Showing Chinese New Year Gala Song Performance

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Get Full Lyrics for the great Chinese Duet Song 'You Are My Way' in Chinese (Putonghua) '是妈妈是女儿' with Pinyin 'Shi Ma Ma Shi Nü Er', the Performance Song debut at CCTV’s Chinese New Year Gala 2023, Performed by 黄绮珊 (Sophia Huang) and 希林娜依·高 (Curley G), the popular Chinese Pop Artist/Singers from Chinese Mainland.
Get Full Lyrics for the Chinese Pop Song 'In Step' in Chinese (Putonghua) '合拍' with Pinyin 'He Pai', as One of the Performance Song for CCTV’s 2023 Chinese New Year Gala, Performed by 许嵩 (Vae Xu), the popular Chinese Pop Artist/Singer and Singer-songwriter from Chinese Mainland.

Empty World Lyrics

Chinese Song: Zhe Shi Jie Na Me...

Get Full Empty World Lyrics in Chinese (Putonghua) "这世界那么多人", English "Empty World" with Pinyin "Zhe Shi Jie Na Me Duo Ren", Performed By 莫文蔚 (Karen Mok), the Popular Chinese Hongkong Artist/Singer. Discover the Latest Popular C-POP Music Lyrics with FAQ & Answers.